Medieval Crime Comics

Here are the medieval crime comics, inspired by the trials and pardons of the poor souls who found themselves in court. The trials, requests for pardon, and general antics of medieval criminals and their crimes have been reimagined for your viewing pleasure. If you want to know more about what’s happening in each comic, why the criminals did what they did, or if they really even did these things, head over to The Stories page to get the low-down on each case.

When Temptation Strikes: They were only trying to help… Also, kick-ass medieval women! Three men try to save some women, commit the crime of murder, and then add some forgery into the mix for good measure. But they were only trying to help. Also, kick-ass women!

Categories: Murder, Forgery, Comic

Off the Deep End: Things get heated when a man insults another’s master. After letting off some steam, someone needs to cool off with a swim. Did I mention the crime of murder shows up?

Categories: Murder, Comic

Thomas is mad A Dice Game to Die For: Pardon for a murderer who, after a rough game of dice, struck another in the chest with a spear. Amazingly, that’s murder, even to a medieval judge.

Categories: Murder, Comic