Of Heretics and Ghosts

What happens when the dead are on the march and the inquisition is in town?

Part I lets us in on a secret: a drunk guy sees dead people.

Part II begins our ghost story and leaves France for Iceland and a bit of haymaking.

Jehannin Le Fournier: A Medieval Case of Stranger Danger and Well-Poisoning

A PSA comes too late to help Jehannin be wary of strangers with nummy packets of powder.


How Men of God Made Me Poison People explores why Jehannin waffles on whether his poison suppliers were clergymen.

Blaming the Devil in the Middle Ages is all about just that, including a handy formula for if you ever need to give it a go.

A Well Poisoner in Poster Form mayhaps presents Jehannin as he’d prefer to be remembered (except for the limerick).

Agnes Poulain, A Medieval Arson Trial

Who knew not saying hello could be so dangerous? In 1390, it left Jean Miserelle homeless.


Voice in a Medieval Arson Trial looks at how much we can trust whether the words attributed to Agnes are really hers.

Did you know you might be committing medieval treason right now? Check out 5 Ways to Commit Medieval Treason without Knowing It to check if it’s time to go into exile in Flanders.

In The Commonly Uncommon Medieval Execution, I mean to talk about the medieval use of burning at the stake, and instead go on a bit of a rant.

When Temptation Strikes

They were only trying to help… Also, kick-ass medieval women!

In Part I, Speaking in Tongues, violence is a universal language.

In Part II, Help Thy Neighbour, a medieval vision of an un-policed society.

In Part III, Kick-Ass Women aren’t Passive, we debate whether that’s a good or bad thing.

In Part IV, The Fight for the Golden Rule, there’s a lot of doing unto others.

Bestiary Interlude

Hedgehogs: Obstinate sinners or the cutest darn parents ever?

Off the Deep End

After letting off some steam, someone needs to cool off with a swim.

In Part I, Drink is a Mocker, someone lays into the ruler of England.

In Part II, The Problem with the Duke, we find out why the Duke of Bedford is scum.

In Part III, Jackanapes, we meet a Jackanape.

In Part IV, Them’s Fightin’ Words!, an outing turns violent.

In the Conclusion, In Too Deep, somebody brings a knife to a swordfight.

Bestiary Interlude

The Gryllus: The medieval butt-face

A Dice Game to Die For

Pardon for a murderer who, after a rough game of dice, struck another in the chest with a spear.

In Part I, Écu, Brute, we meet the stars of the show and someone steals some money.

In Part II, The Die is Cast, the die is, well, cast, when they play dice.

In Part III, What He Did About It, the action takes off when the fighting begins.

Finally, Part IV, Snake Eyes, brings us to the promised murder.