Rogues Gallery

Not sure which Story to read? Can’t decide between murder, forgery, arson, and all the rest? None of the tags grabbing your eye? Just curious what on earth a rogues gallery is?

Welcome, no matter the reason!

Traditionally in comics, a rogues gallery is the collection of villains faced by a particular superhero. Below, we have Batman’s rogues gallery, as well as one for the Avengers.

Comics didn’t invent the rogues gallery. That goes back to early days of policing and the keeping of mug shots or similar for the purposes of identifying criminals.

My medieval Rogues Gallery is slightly different.

First, these aren’t really mug shots, and it’s not limited to criminals. Rather, these are enticements, an alternate way of deciding what you might want to read. In the galleries below, there are people deemed criminal, victims, even members of the judiciary.

It’s more of a cast page.

Still, I prefer the term rogues gallery for its nod to the comics industry.

Each image below will take you to the start of a Story that individual is part of.