A Well Poisoner in Poster Form

A poster-style image of Jehannin Le Fournier: The well poisoner. With the limerick: "There once was a man from Dijon, Who went for a walk in t'region, Eight powdered packets, Brought coin to his pockets, And now he's blaming a demon."

As you can see, I opted for something a little different today. Quite simply, we have a poster showcasing the criminal Jehannin Le Fournier, our well poisoner. I have no idea what he actually looked like, but I’ve drawn him as a medieval traveler, marked by the pilgrim’s scrip and staff. For those who are having difficulty with the image, there’s a limerick included:

There once was a man from Dijon

Who went for a walk in t’ region

Eight powdered packets

Brought coin to his pockets

And now he’s blaming a demon.

If you missed the full story about Jehannin, I recommend clicking the link above and finding out what’s with the powdered packets (of poison) and how a demon figures into the story.